My Time at University

I haven’t posted on this blog for a long time. My studies (especially my dissertation) took up a lot of my time this year, but now that I have graduated I hope that I can get back to writing more posts. This is just a quick post about my time at Uni, and hopefully give some insight for those who are thinking about pursuing History.

I loved my time studying at Uni. It has made me so much more excited for a future in academia, and I have already applied and planned for my Masters in September. Uni allowed me to spend much more time studying history, which has always been my favourite subject anyway, and my knowledge has definitely grown. Courses will differ, but I feel the topics I have studied have given me insight into areas I may not have otherwise explored (such as the making of modern India, early Medieval Europe, Crusades etc.). Having the time and space to explore your favourite subject is rewarding, and makes you feel a part of the topic through your research and contribution to the debate.

I would definitely recommend Uni to anyone that is thinking about it. It made things feel a lot clearer for me personally, as I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do as a career. Being in the academic and productive environment of Uni made me realise that was what I wanted to do. Study as much as I can, follow leads, be part of the debate, and ultimately learn new things. History is an opportunity to understand the world much more clearly, and I feel that university gives you the skills to take full advantage of that. The resources you receive, and the skills you learn, make you feel like a true historian ‘in the making’. That is why I am carrying on to an MA, to strengthen these research skills further and be closer to my goal of being a University Lecturer.

Until then, I hope to post more on this blog, as I do genuinely enjoy writing. Any topics of interest that people would like to see would be appreciated, and I look forward to more research.

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